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With bigest Workshop in Fangcheng Port of China, our Partner in Fangcheng shall be provided good solution for repair services, inspection & Calibration, UWS and supplyin material, spare parts for all types of Vessel at Fangcheng Port, Quinzhu Port, Beihai Port or Tieshan Port of China.

Our Parner is located at south of China. We have built up branch offices for providing service including all of the coastal port of Beibu-Gulf. Our business is covering below area:

Ø   Ship repair services in Fangcheng port

Ø   Ship repair services in Qinzhou port, Beihai port, Tieshan port

Ø   Ship repair services in Zhanjinag port, Maoming port, Yangjiang port, Haikou port, Yangpu port

Our business have been expanded and improved step by step with the efforts of all our staff for more than 10 years of operation and development. And the business scope in detail as following:

Ø  Ship repair: Steel & Pipe renewal, Engine & Machinery, Electrical & Automation, Refrigerating & A/C system, Hydraulic system & Spares, Turb-charger maintenance , Ship cargo lashing, Top agent for dry-docking

Ø  Inspection Calibration: LS&FF equipments, instruments & apparatus

Ø  IWS: Photos & CCTV, Welding & Cutting, Cleaning, Plugging & Removing

Ø  Supplying: Ship-stores, Top agent of paint

Our company had established a complete modern enterprise management system already. To ensure sustainable development, we have established and continuously operated the ISO9001-2015 quality management system(QMS) which has been approved by BV and CCS. According to the QMS requirements, we always implement the safety and quality policy of “Customer First; Ensure Safety and Quality; Normative and Integrity & Continuous Improvement”.

We have built up an experienced technical team with professional knowledge for ship service, which including 14 persons graduated from college and engaging in ship service for more than 10 years. Our company is already on leading position in local region because of all staff work hard.

Our company has fully equipped facilities, equipments and sufficient space for ship service. There is enough space for workshop and office, also including special areas for FFE & LSE annual inspection, turb-charger & hydraulic equipments maintenance.

Please contact with us in 24/24  by:

Mobile phone: +84 904125520 or