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This project is carried out for the Container Vessel MOL Charisma ( 316 x 46m x 13,6m) at Vung Tau outer anchorage which is far from Vung Tau boat station about 20 Km.

The Vessel suffered grounding on 5th July 2021 and taking in water in WTB 4 and 5 (P&S), grounding occurred when the vessel was at Sea enroute from Cai Mep terminal of Vietnam to Singapore.
 We Bacviet Commercial and Shiptechnical company with a good partner diving company which is approved by Class LR/ NKK have carried out an Underwater Survey for this vessel.
Firstly, we had consulted on shifting the Vessel from grounding position to the Vung tau anchorage ( distance 180 Miles off Vung Tau) which is a good place/ condition  for Underwater Survey.
Second, Covid tests for all diving teams have been arranged as soon as possible and the Port Authority's permit is issued urgently and  fast.
Underwater Survey at all ship hull, propeller, rudder... etc has been carried out with supervision of Class Surveyor LR/ NKK and
Insurance Inspector.
Details of the job are attached as a work list report as below.
This is an important job and urgent because this is a big container vessel and the damaged hull plates are found to have very big problems.
By the effort of the diving team, good cooperation of the Class Surveyors, local agents and Related-Parties, we have completed this job smoothly and fast.

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We use ROV and Brush Kart equipment for Underwater Survey/ Inspection and Cleaning hulls in everywhere or vessel types. Underwater works is included as below:

Underwater inspection UWI by ROV or CCTV
Underwater inspection in lieu Dock – UWILD by ROV or CCTV
Underwater Survey Ship hull by ROV or Brush Kart equipment.
Propeller Polishing up to Rubet Scan A standard by special equipment.
Underwater inspection for Overboard holes -Scuppers.
Underwater installing or replacement materials and equipment by cutting or welding methods.
Underwater plugging overboard hole for replacement overboard pipe or valve.
Underwater cutting/ removing fishing nets or rope.
Underwater replacement Echo Sounder or Speed log.
Underwater plugging by welding steel plates.
Underwater works areas:

- Underwater Survey Ship in Cam pha Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Ha long Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Hon gai Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Lach huyen Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Cai lan Port, Vietnam 

- Underwater Survey Ship in Nghi son  Port, Vietnam 

- Underwater Survey Ship in Hai phong Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Vissai Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Son Duong Port, Vietnam 

- Underwater Survey Ship in Dung quat  Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Vinh Tan - Binh thuan Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Phu my Port, Vietnam 

- Underwater Survey Ship in Cai mep Port, Vietnam.

- Underwater Survey Ship in Quy Nhon Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Go Gia Port, Vietnam

- Underwater Survey Ship in Thieng Lieng Port, Vietnam.

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