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Bac Viet Commercial and Shiptech Company provide all kind of best services such as ship repair in Vietnam or all marine service including Cargo hold ventilation system overhaul service.

Cargo hold ventilation overhaul is one of a best services provided by Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company.

Cargo hold ventilation is very important system on every ship. The purpose of ventilation is to ensure the safety of the ship's crew and minimize damage to the cargo. The cargo hold ventilation system needs to be regularly maintained or repaired as quickly as possible when problems arise.

Cargo hold ventilation overhauling by Bacviet Commercail and Shiptech Company.
Image of Cargo hold ventilation overhauling by Bacviet Commercail and Shiptech Company.


Why can Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company provide the best Cargo hold ventilation system overhaul service?

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company is a company whose strengths are:

     - Coverage throughout Viet Nam: We can provide services at all ports in Viet  Nam.

     - Diverse and long-term experience: We have technical teams who have many years of experience and high skills in the field of marine vessels.

     - Diversified and perfect services: We provide a variety of services on ships.

     - Speed of providing fast and efficient service: We will quickly be present and solve urgent problems that the ship requires.

>> About us <<

We always has a team ready to provide all kind of best services in Vietnam such as ship repair or any marine service including cargo hold ventilation overhaul services for ships at any time if you need. And we can provide all kind of services for all types of ships at every port in Vietnam. Our company works with the following criteria:

     - Meet all needs of customers: We always advise and meet the needs of customers in the most reasonable way.

     - Quality assurance of services and products: Quality of services and products is always our top priority. The quality of our services and products will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

     - Ensure the delivery schedule as committed: We ensure to fulfill the requirements of the ship with the fastest and most effective schedule on the basis of the time required by the ship.

     - Reasonable price guarantee: We always optimize the price of our services to satisfy any customer.

We managed a biggest workshop with the many model equipment for fabrication or repair all marine equipment for vessel in Viet Mam.

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company will be the best choice for you when you need cargo hold ventilation overhaul services or any other ship repair and maintenance services. We will certainly perform all the work you needs.

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Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company newest Cargo hold ventilation overhaul project.





disassemble part of cargo hold ventilation when overhauling.
Image of disassembling part of cargo hold ventilation when overhauling.


     - Prepare all necessary paperwork for the overhaul cargo hold ventilation on ship.

     - Beginning cargo hold ventilation system overhaul must disconnect all power to the ventilation system.

     - Cut out the old bolts and disassemble the parts.

     - Clean dust in all parts and fan blades.

Overhauling cargo hold ventilation part.
Image of overhauling cargo hold ventilation part.


     - Check fan blades, if fan blades be damage need renewal fan blades.

     - Remove all bolts and screws and disassemble blower motor and bring to workshop for maintenance - Workshop fabricate services.

Overhauling cargo hold ventilation blower motor.
Image of overhauling cargo hold ventilation blower motor.


     - Check bearings and brush of motor, renewal if need.

     - Check air gap between the rotor and stator with feeler gauges.

     - Polish and repaint the rusted areas.

     - After maintenance blower motor, bring back to ship and reassemble.

     - Restart and test the ventilation system with ship's officer after overhaul.

     - Hand over all final reports to the ship such as: work picture report, workshop checking report...etc.


We can provide cargo hold ventilation overhaul service at all ports in Viet Nam.

Bacviet Commercial and Shiptech Company can provide many ship repair services whenever and anywhere in Vietnam, call us as soon as you need it. We can provide cargo hold ventilation overhaul, ventilation repair service at all ports and anchorages in Viet Nam suck as:

     - Ventilation overhaul in Hai Phong Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Vung Tau Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Quy Nhon Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Quang Ninh Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Saigon Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Cua Lo Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Dung Quat Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Chan May Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Da Nang Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Van Phong Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Vinh Tan Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Hon La Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Vissai Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Nghi Son Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Cam Pha Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Thieng Lieng Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Phu My Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Son Duong Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Cai Lan Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Cai Mep Port.

     - Ventilation overhaul in Lach Huyen - HICT Port.

With our criteria and strengths, along with the variety of services we provide, we are always the first choice of vessels when needed in Viet Nam. Contact us with the information below whenever your ship has problems or needs servicing. We will quickly be on your ship and provide you with the best services.

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     Post Address: 25/6/302 Van Cao Street - Hai Phong City - Viet Nam

     Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat: +84 904 125 520.